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Our concrete block paving can be applied across all sectors.

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Our extensive selection of concrete paving products for discerning residential paving clients. Our range includes concrete pavers for pools, walkways, driveways, steps, patios as well as for water-wise applications.
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Our range of commercial concrete pavers manufactured for the professional. See our selection of cement pavers for public spaces, car parks, shopping centres, residential estates, paved roads and our permeable paving solution.
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A collection of civil and industrial products specifically designed for industrial and run-off areas. We offer a range for roads, kerbing, traffic circles, factories, specialized heavy duty concrete pavers, and our permeable paving solution.


 Our combination of excellence, quality and innovation have led to long term relationships in our industry.


Our continuous focus on not only excellence in manufacturing, but in service delivery, makes C.E.L. Paving Products the leading concrete pavers suppliers in South Africa.


Ongoing research and development allows C.E.L. Paving Products to continuously develop new products to suit our client’s needs.


Attention to detail ensures that our manufacturing plants continuously maintain superb quality of product, whilst our office and sales staff strive to offer the best in client service.

Industry leaders

C.E.L. Paving Products has consistently achieved the highest level of recognition in the industry since 2006, with ongoing industry preference for using our concrete pavers in a number of highly prestigious sites.


We are proud to present some of our latest projects which showcase our range of quality pavers across all market sectors.


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With Thanks to the Generous People with Big Hearts
Thanks so much for visiting our shelter today it was a great pleasure to meet you, especially as you are such a passionate animal lover. The donation of the pavers has been of enormous benefit to our moms and pups in that the threat of bacteria and virus’s are diminished by the ability to clean the area efficiently. It also looks amazing, and now sets the precedent for the rest of the shelter which is a bit run down. Henry’s team finished the job with the balance of the pavers and I will send you a pic tomorrow. He is such a good man to work with, efficient and honourable and his staff are a pleasure to have around. I will certainly spread the word of the great experience we have had. We often get promises and have been let down quite badly, so really appreciate genuinely generous people with big hearts that have the same vision as we do. Kind Regards Lorna GM, Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch
With Thanks to the Generous People with Big Hearts

Thank you!
Thank you once again for your support regarding the delivery of my pavers. They arrived in perfect condition and on time. Your delivery team were more than accommodating when I asked for the pavers to be placed over my back walls – which was a fantastic help! Thanks again, Warren
Thank you!


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