Advantages of using Concrete Brick Paving

 Advantages of using Concrete Brick Paving

Concrete brick pavers are the most preferred paving solutions used by landscape designers, home-owners, contractors and architects.

This is due to the extensive range of advantages that concrete brick paving provides.

CEL Paving – This 10 year old Vintage Paving can be found at Houtkapperspoort, Contantia nek, Cape Town.

Benefits of Concrete Brick Paving

  1. Concrete paving is exceedingly durable and is capable of withstanding extreme weather fluctuations without becoming brittle and cracking – segmental concrete brick paving expands and contracts according to the weather.
  2. Additionally, concrete brick paving is capable of withstanding constant heavy loads proving it is load-tolerant and sustainable.
  3. Repairing or replacing damaged brick paving is inexpensive and easy, saving time and money.
  4. Concrete brick paving maintenance typically requires only pressure washing.
  5. Moreover, concrete paving is also popular for its ease of installation – small concrete paving installation projects can take as few as two to three days to complete.
  6. Concrete brick paving is manufactured with a non-slip topping making it suitable for continually wet areas that experience high vehicular and foot traffic.
  7. Brick paving is versatile and allows for a large amount of customisation with a number of available colours, shapes, patterns, textures and design options.

CEL Paving | Concrete Brick Paving Cape Town

CEL has been delivering concrete brick paving solutions to South Africa for over 21 years.

We are dedicated to high service delivery and producing lasting quality paving.

Our concrete brick pavers are the best paving materials you can use.

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