Vintage waffle pattern allows rain water to run through the paving

Water wise with paving and C.E.L. Paving products

Water Wise Gardens

The current water crisis in the Western Cape encourages all of us the be water wise, specifically when it comes to concrete paving products. Hard surfaces are standard accepted norm in our properties whether its driveways or patios. However, the rain water that collects on these paved areas, merely runs off in to storm water systems and is prevented from returning to the already depleted ground water. This is especially prevalent when we consider the heavy rains that have recently racked the western Cape.

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C.E.L. Paving Products offers a perfect solution

As homeowners, we need to lay paving in certain areas in order to provide a hard surface and make use of a selection of materials. Any material used in hard surfacing, prohibits the water permeating through the driveway or patio and topping up ground water levels. However, the concrete block paver  we use, and the way we lay it, can make a significant difference. At C.E.L. Paving products we are able to offer a permeable product for your walkways and driveways, thus eliminating run off and assisting water tables.

Products recomended for water wise areas

When we are considering permeable paving, there are a few options. Permealock permeable paving has been specifically designed and tested to allow for the maximum amount of rain water to flow through the paved area while still offering a hard wearing surface for your driveway. The system used will determine if the excess rain water returns to ground water or it is saved in some form of attenuation tank whereby it can be used for watering gardens or cleaning cars and driveways.

CEL_ShellZW_9084.jpgPermealock permeable paving

Permealock allows rain water to flow freely through back in to the ground, preventing pooling and possible flooding in the driveway. This concrete paver is available in various colours and we are able to assist you with the design of the sub layers required to accommodate this type of paving. Please call Peter Visser in our office for assistance in this regard. For more on Permeable Paving click here

Several ways to achieve a water wise driveway.

An alternative to this would be the C.E.L. Paving Vintage waffle paver. This elegant versatile paver, 190 x 125mm, allows for a high through flow rate of when laid in a waffle pattern. The Vintage paver is available in a variety of colours and once again we are available to assist with regards to the simple sub base required.

Vintage waffle pattern allows rain water to run through the paving

Another way of providing a hard surface for your driveway while still allowing water to run though as opposed to off, is by laying C.E.L. Paving Grassblocks. The grassblock concrete paver has an open structure which allows the maximum amount of rain water to pass through each paver. The attractive functional paver allow for the the growth of vegetation in the openings, offering an aesthetically pleasing solution for driveways and parking areas. Standard grass variety may be use, but you could mix it up a little by using a combination on stones and Mondo grass for example.

C.E.L. Paving Products commercial application of permeable Grassblocks at Durbanville Golf coarseGrassblock before fill and planting

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