C.E.L. Paving assists with the methods to lay a Gemini Paver

Due to the manufacturing process, the Gemini Paver requires a different approach when laying this paver. The larger format Gemini concrete block paver, unlike the bevelled bond paver block, is flat topped concrete paver. The Gemini paver is manufactured in an upright mould, and the product has no spacer nibs (similar to clay pavers)

** Like clay pavers, manufacturing tolerances may not permit the achievement of perfectly straight lines **

Direction and setting out

When laying the Gemini concrete block paver, always start the paving from the centre of the paved area and work outwards. Always ensure that your set out is perfectly square in order to get the best visual effect with the Gemini paver. To start laying your Gemini pavers, place 3 gut lines 253mm apart through the centre of your site. And then place a gut line square to the three gut lines.

Laying Patterns

When laying and concrete block paver from C.E.L. Paving, always consider your laying patterns beforehand. Ask questions as to what suits not only the look and feel, but the physical qualities on the paving block. For the Gemini paver we always recommend always using the herring bone pattern.

Packing of the Gemini flat top pavers

Start packing your Gemini pavers in a herring bone pattern all along the three gut lines. Ensure the pavers have 2-5mm gap between them for grouting with sand. You may be aware that pavers need space to expand and contract as temperature changes. If you do not allow for this movement by using a gap, your paving blocks may chip over time. Place each paver onto the sand and tap lightly into place with a rubber mallet. Straighten lines often to ensure an even spacing.

To receive the electronic version of the Gemini brochure or samples, contact gill@celpaving.co.za

 Watch out for our next article on the Gemini paver when we look at specific applications of the Gemini paver.

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