Car Park Paving with Concrete Pavers at Quoin Rock

Car Park Paving Quoin Rock

The first impression of any business is on arrival, making the entrance and car park paving an essential element when planning. This was an important element to the design at the recently upgraded Quoin Rock wine estate in Stellenbosch. C.E.L. Paving, as a leading manufacturer of paving for commercial car parks, was pleased to be involved with this prestigious project.

Car Park Paving

The newly revamped winery included the laying of concrete block pavers at the entrance to the exclusive estate as well as the visitors parking and overflow parking.

Using a combination of concrete aggregate pavers for car parks

The architects, in specifying the paving, were looking to enhance the aesthetics, but also create a functional parking area. The all new “Shimmerstone” paving from C.E.L. Paving products, was used to delineate the verges of the parking area. The “Shimmerstone” concrete paver, differs from normal pavers by making use of glass chip in the topping.  When used in car park paving, the glass chips reflect light, indicating verges or edges of parking bays.

Shimmerstone Concrete Pavers used for Car Parks

Elegance with paving for entrances and parking areas.

The glass pavers where used in conjunction with the C.E.L. Paving products polished interlocker paver and exposed aggregate pavers. The polished pavers in charcoal, alongside the exposed aggregate paving, created a high quality finish at the entrance to this exclusive vineyard.

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