Concrete Brick Paving Cape Town – Paving Terminology

Concrete Brick Paving Cape Town – Paving Terminology

Paving terminology can sound like a foreign language if you don’t have any previous paving experience.

With this article we are aiming to assist in clarifying some of the terms used and hopefully help you smoothly pave your way to a perfect paving job.

Below are a few of the more frequently used paving terms explained in layman’s terminology.

Paving Terminology

Paving Base Layer:

  • This is the layer of material compacted into the excavation prior to laying the bedding sand.

Bedding Sand:

  • This is washed river sand, it is distributed evenly to give a level surface to bed pavers.

Beveled Paving Edge:

Paving with face edges that are sloped, giving a softer decorative effect

Bullnose Paving:

  • Paver’s with a rounded front edge, used for stair treads or pool edges

Drainage material:

  • Gravel which is placed behind a retaining wall to allow water to drain


  • This is the material used to refill part of the excavated area that will not be paved, also used to level the area and for drainage.


  • Prior to paving, sand is spread with a straight edge so that it is flat and level

Paving Edge restraints/beam:

  • This is a concrete curb or concrete under the edge paver used to hold a pavement’s perimeter pavers in place.


  • Naturally occurring white powder that appears on cement based products.

Jointing Sand:

  • This is fine sand that is swept into the joints between pavers to lock them into position.


  • A mixture of cement and sand that is swept and washed into joints to permanently lock them into position


  • The ideal weight that your paving is designed to handle.

Paving Nibs:

  • A ridge that is used to space pavers for jointing sand

Paving Sealer:

  • The protective sealant used on concrete pavers


  • To allow for breakages and mistakes an extra percentage is added to order quantities of material.

Wetcast Paving:

  • A concrete casting technique that is used in order to manufacture large format pavers with a fine surface texture detail

Dry Cast Paving:

  • When the paving mixture is almost dry it is then compacted in a steel mould by a machine.

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