EarthLock – Soil stabilisation and erosion control for civil engineering projects

The effective and cost efficient management of soil stabilization and combating soil erosion due to water run-off has a new solution in a top quality product from C.E.L. Paving for all civil engineering projects.

The Earthlock block matrix system has been designed, engineered and successfully used for:

  • Water flow control and management
  • Soil stabilizing and soil erosion problems
  • Temporary and permanent road structures for any type of traffic load
  • Parking areas

The advantages of Earthlock are:

  • All round interlocking at all times allowing lateral flexibility
  • Self aligning and requires little ground preparation
  • Can be laid in three different patterns
  • Can be cabled, matted or anchored

EarthLock forms an interlocking stable matrix of machine cast concrete blocks of uniform colour, weight, shape and size.

When the block matrix is used to control and manage water flow it forms an erosion resistant boundary and surface area.

When the block matrix is used for road construction it provides a strong, durable and permeable surface for any load.

Proven under some of the most extreme conditions, EarthLock has shown remarkable resistance to the stresses of heavy loads associated with earth moving and civil construction vehicles.

Adapting to local surface conditions

  • All round interlocking design maintains complete contact and self aligning when laid
  • All round interlocking creates integral continuous matrix with each row laid, thus preventing any lateral displacement
  • Interlocking quality and angled sides allows lateral flexibility between blocks, even with some ground settlement without stressing blocks
  • Sufficient voids and cavities allowing, if necessary, vegetation to grow and create further anchorage

Controlling water flow velocity

  • The top surface of the EarthLock block has the typical characteristic which results in a decrease of water flow velocity
  • Streamlines are disturbed when passing over the surface of the EarthLock block matrix
  • In extreme flow conditions, the EarthLock needs to be either cabled, or wired and secured at the edges, as well at the beginning and end of the installed area

Exposed Aggregate

The  EarthLock block matrix also forms a permeable surface area, ideal for paved parking. It is possible to customize the block with a coloured or exposed aggregate surface.

When the EarthLock block matrix is used for road construction it provides a strong durable surface for any type of traffic load.

EarthLock Single Block Specifications

Module size 340x340x100mm thick
Min Compressive strength  25 Mpa
Open area  0.0276m2  (24%)
Net weight per block  18.5kg
Setting velocity   “n”   0.025 – 0.038 n
n = Manning roughness coefficient



Closed Mesh Layout

8,8 blocks per square meter
Nett weight 163 kg per m2
Permeable surface area  18%
Fill required per m2 = 0.0179m3



Standard Layout

8.35 blocks per square meter
Nett weight 155 kg per m2
Permeable surface area  25%
Fill required per m2 = 0.0248m3
Kg per m2=



Economical Layout

6 blocks per square meter
Nett weight 111 kg per m2
Permeable surface area  43%
Fill required per m2 = 0.0431m3
Kg per m2=


Using the standard layout pattern reduces the number of  blocks required, resulting in a cost saving

Road to Eskom, Mbashe power station in the Eastern Cape.

Standard layout with 8 gauge wiring carries heavy traffic.

The construction includes an integrated storm water channel.

IMPORTANT : Please note that it is advisable and usually necessary to use the services of a qualified civil engineer for the design of any type of water management, temporary and permanent road structures, steep drive ways, erosion control, soil stabilizing and parking areas.


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