C.E.L. Paving Products concrete pavers for pool in slabs, cobbles and surefoot copings
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The Cotswold Lifestyle Estate enhanced with concrete block paving.

Surrounded by mountains and forests, this private gated estate offers the perfect setting for discerning residents. Clean white lines against a green backdrop gives these architecturally designed  properties a special touch.

Pools and Paving

The contemporary swimming pools, simple in design, are enhanced with concrete slabs from C.E.L. Paving products. The concrete pavers 440 x 440 mm,  form the pool surrounds and were framed with 104 x 104 mm charcoal cobbles.  At the edge of the pools the C.E.L. Paving Surefoot copings were used to complete the installation.  In a residential estate it is imperative that the developer or architect makes use of products that are fit for purpose. Go to the link for further information https://www.fenwickelliott.com/research-insight/annual-review/2014/understanding-design-duty

Enhance your outdoors with block paving

Whether you are living in a residential estate or not, your paving should enhance your property and the particular area you are working on. It is recommended that you do not use a larger format concrete paver in a driveway, for example,  as it may not take the load of vehicles. We also recommend using a non slip concrete slab around pools. An ideal paver would be one with a slight surface texture, for example a slate finish.  Concrete copings to pools should have a slightly less smooth surface or surface texture and have a rounded edge, which all contributes to the aesthetics and safety around your pool. As a homeowner, always check with your contractor that what is being specified is the correct product for the application, as in pools, outdoor patios, indoor paving and driveways. Go to the link for further products Commercial Residential Estates

Alternatively have a look at our our web site which specifically focuses on residential pool at Residential Pools

C.E.L. Paving Products slabs and cobbles in residential concrete paving
Residential estates slabs and cobbles