How to make sure your paving lasts

How to make sure your paving lasts

Now we all know that women are powerful.
But do you know how powerful a woman’s high heel shoe is?

Let’s put it this way, the impact of a woman’s shoe on paving is greater than the impact of a ten ton truck.


Well a truck spreads its load, but the point load of women’s heeled shoe attacks paving like militant hordes of possessed woodpeckers.

Know your paving traffic

When picking what paving you should use in an area it’s important to identify the type and amount of traffic you are expecting.

The surface of cobbles suffer in busy pedestrian zones and this will in turn affect the strength and integrity of the paved surface.

Fortunately, there is a connection between the compressive strength (expressed as MPa) and the Surface Wearing Index of a concrete paver.

We recommend the highest MPa concrete mix for paving used to combat woodpeckers and high traffic zones.

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