Mouille Point Promenade

C.E.L. concrete brick paving plays major role in upgrade


C.E.L. Paving, a prominent Cape Town concrete paving brick manufacturer, was honoured to have been selected from amongst serious rival competitors as the paving brick of choice for the Mouille Point Promenade walkway.

Millions of visitors, both local and foreign frequent this scenic attraction annually, and the promenade and the adjacent public space is a powerful magnet for tourists.

The Mouille Point sea wall and paving walkway had deteriorated over the years and it was decided by the Cape Town Metro to totally upgrade the sea wall, the seaside promenade brick pavers, the surrounding gardens and parking.

The main problem relating to the concrete brick paving, on Cape Town and other sea sides, is that sea water which contains Sodium Chloride, is slightly acidic.

This acidic, salt water attack, condition is not good for cement based paving bricks, which are alkaline, and concrete pavers will have a tendency to degrade in the presence of acidic sea water.

Previous paving repairs using ordinary cement based paving blocks displayed rapid failure of these paving bricks in this extremely harsh environment.

Six main manufacturers of concrete paving were invited to lay paving test panels in an area which was subject to regular and severe wetting from sea water.

C.E.L. Paving Products designed a cement paving brick specifically for this salt water condition. And this was the only concrete paver which at the end of the two-year trial period displayed minimal salt water degradation.

C.E.L Paving was therefore chosen as the paving brick supplier for this important City of Cape Town project and these quality cement based bricks will be used to pave the 4.5km of the promenade walkway from Mouille Point to the end of the Seapoint promenade.

The first paving phase, with specially selected paving colours has been completed successfully and tenders are out for the laying of the second phase of paving

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