Permeable Paving

A Solution to Sustainable Water Drainage

When we look at the current water crisis affecting the Western Cape and parts of South Africa, it becomes apparently clear just how important water as a resource is.

We need to understand and acknowledge the role we play in conserving our natural water systems, so that in times of need these precious water supplies can be used.

A Solution to Sustainable Water Drainage

The continuing growth in urbanisation and extreme weather condition increasing the potential of flooding has created a need for sustainable urban drainage (SUDS).

It is now recognised worldwide that permeable concrete block paving (PCBP) in conjunction with attenuation provides a solution.

Benefits of Permeable Concrete Brick Paving

  • Instead of rainwater being diverted to stormwater drains, permeable paving allows the water to infiltrate the subgrade or even be recycled.
  • The PCBP system has been proven to effectively reduce both organic (hydrocarbons) and inorganic (phosphorous and nitrogen) pollutants and nutrients.
  • PCBP optimises the use of land by playing a dual role in the storage and reduction of surface water as well as providing a durable eco-friendly paving solution.
  • PCBP is designed to be used in commercial, industrial and residential applications.

C.E.L. Paving Products – Permeable Paving Blocks Cape Town

Current and future paving projects need to take in to consideration the amount of rainfall their project area will receive and plan their paving accordingly.

In the middle of June 2016, we will launch the C.E.L. Paving Products PCBP, PermeaLock.

Like all of our paving products, PermeaLock was designed by top industry professionals and will be manufactured in accordance with the standards laid down in SABS:SANS1058 for concrete paving blocks this pertains, namely, to dimensional stability, cross-sectional squareness, tensile splitting strength and abrasion resistance.

For more information on our permeable paving block, please contact us.

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