Polished Aggregate Paver at Pinelands Grove

Polished Aggregate Concrete Block Paving to Pinelands Grove

Polished aggregate paving was chosen for the walkways and communal pool area at the Pinelands Grove retirement village. The  upmarket development offers elegant living in  attractive surroundings, which is evident in the designers choice of finishes, including the concrete paving.

Muddy Polished Paver to entrance at Pinelands Grove

Muddy Polished Paver to entrance at Pinelands Grove

Polished exposed aggregate paver, Perfect for Pools

The attractive functional smooth surface of the polished paver makes it an ideal paver for around pools. The communal pool area at the facility was enhanced by using the C.E.L. Paving smooth concrete paver with sqaure edges.  The paver is available in 4 different colours and at Pinelands Grove, the client chose the muddy colour for all common areas. The walkway at the main entrance as well as the pathways around the centre  used the Polished paver to facilitate ease of access, particularly with wheelchairs.

Pinelands Grove Muddy polished aggregate paving at communal pool area
Pinelands Grove Muddy polished aggregate

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