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Reddam House School



In 2017, Reddam House in Durbanville opened its doors for the first intake of students in the new college.

The Reddam House project in the much sought-after Clara Anna Fontein lifestyle estate, in Durbanville, is an essential addition to the residential estate. The project team, once again (as with Reddam House, Somerset Lakes), specified C.E.L. Paving products, for the supply of concrete block paving for this prestigious project.

Scope of work

The concrete block paving was specified for car parks and driveways as well as the main entrance. The parking areas, in keeping with the surrounds of the lush open areas and protected wetlands, A combination of 200 x 100mm Coarse Exposed Aggregate concrete pavers, in a Brownstone colour, with 200 X 100mm Charcoal Double Cobbles. This arrangement of colours and textures was also used as traffic calming measures in the main school car park. The C.E.L. Paving Tan Bond pavers were used in the parking bays in conjunction with Charcoal Bond pavers, which offered framing and delineation.

The products successfully combined,  offer an elegant aesthetic while ensuring long term durability for the residential estate.



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