The Advantages of Wet and Dry-Cast Brick Paving

The Advantages of Wet and Dry-Cast Brick Paving

Gone are the days of having only one or two choices when considering paving.

Interlocker concrete pavers, Bond pavers, Cobblestone pavers, Block pavers, or moulded pavers are all now available in a variety of sizes, textures and colours.

Having all of these options though, may make choosing paving for your patio or walkway, extremely confusing.

However, it’s important to take note of some of the subtle and not so subtle differences in paving solutions.

What is Wet-Cast Paving?

A moderately wet concrete is prepared in a batch process to guarantee consistency.

Mixing machines, known as concrete batch plants are used to combine pre-determined quantities of sand and coarse aggregate with the exact weight of cement.

The mixture is then combined with water and additives to produce the concrete.

Additives may include accelerators to speed up hydration, release agent, colorants, black and white efflorescence inhibitors, and strengthening fibres.

Thereafter the concrete mixture is placed into the flexible moulds and then levelled off.

Vibration is then used to settle the concrete, filling small voids and forcing any small air pockets to be expelled through the open top surface.

The concrete-filled moulds are lined up on a vibration table and then pulsated for a period before moving on to the set, cure and storage stage.

Advantages of using C.E.L.’s Wet-Cast Paving Products

  • More visually appealingly alternative to concrete brick paving.
  • Diverse wet-cast paving moulds offer a practical paving option while obtaining the natural look of stone.
  • A variety of paving shapes, textures and sizes are available using wet-cast paving.

What is Dry Cast Concrete Paving?

Dry cast paving is essentially made up of a dry mix of sand, gravel, concrete and pigment.

The mix is then transferred into paving moulds and hydraulically pressed and pulsed.

Once in their finished state, the concrete paving is then left to set and cure.

Advantages of using C.E.L.’s Dry-Cast Paving

  • Dry cast pavers are extremely durable and perfect for high traffic areas.
  • Relatively cost-effective when compared to other forms of paving.
  • Dimensionally precise making it quick and easy to install.
  • Numerous shapes and sizes for a wide variety of paving applications.

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