Tips for DIY concrete paving bricks and laying paving

Tips for DIY concrete paving bricks and laying paving

Are you thinking about investing in some new paving for your home?

The festive season is upon us – Fun in the sun and days by the pool.
Suddenly spending so much time outside has made you realise how much you have always wanted to re-pave that section of outside entertainment area.

It’s only natural to want to invest some of your hard earned money in your home.
But before you go ahead and bring in the bakkie brigade or implement your own vast knowledge of paving consider a few of these suggestions and tips:

  • First and foremost, NEVER use plastic sheeting when laying concrete paving. Many contractors use plastic sheeting thinking that it rids the problem of weeds growing between the paving. It doesn’t as seeds will still blow in and settle themselves in the grouting joints where it will grow. Using plastic sheeting in paving doesn’t allow the paving to dry itself out after becoming wet. This often leads to problems with efflorescence which will cause a discolouration of the paver surface.
  • Our paving brick products are manufactured from naturally mine aggregate and this can cause shade variations – how do you avoid this? Take pavers from several stacks instead of exhausting one pallet at a time. With this method you’ll be able to achieve a more even paving.
  • Our concrete paving is a “face” product and therefore should be treated with care when being moved around. This will avoid chipping of the concrete brick paving before it is laid.
  • When using our Concrete Brick Paving, Blocks and Cobbles we recommend jointing sand be used for grouting only. In cases where a binding agent be required (due to high winds etc.) then the sand may be mixed with 1% of builders lime. NO cement should ever be used to for jointing sand.

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