Kirstenbosch Gardens Parking with Grassblock

Kirstenbosch gardens gets water wise paving

The national botanical gardens at Kirstenbosch recently added new office to the site, which was enhanced with water wise concrete block paving. The new design intent had to fit in with the original aesthetics and as such had to bring in the same exposed aggregate paving supplied by C.E.L. Paving products.

A combination of concrete products used.

Various concrete products were used to enhance not only the management of water but the look and feel of the gardens. The new addition includes an office block, a covered bicycle rack area, storm water channels, and additional parking, each with its own requirement when it comes to water wise hard surface.

Permeable Paving

Car Park paving with Permealock

The permeable concrete block paving used in the car park further enhanced the water management by  by allowing the through flow of more than 13000l/m2 of water to pass between the pavers per hour. Thus  encouraging rainfall back in to the ground water while preventing unnecessary  run off.

Water wise concrete block paving makes the difference

In addition to making use of the C.E.L. Paving Permealock, the developers also included the C.E.L. Paving Grassblock in charcoal. The Grassblock, with the rustic stones in the openings,  lead to a particular pleasing appearance which fits in to the whole natural feel of the  gardens. Once again water management being the deciding factor when considering C.E.L. Paving products and their concrete block paving range.


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