Which concrete paver to choose for you project and why.

A few notes on the manufacturing process of concrete block paving using the wet cast vs dry cast methods


This process requires less water and a shorter curing time than a wet cast process
The concrete mixture is poured into a mould and compressed under high pressure
The pavers have an optimal water to cement ration,making them incredibly strong
There is no slump when the product is demoulded
The minimum standards for the manufacturing process dry cast concrete block paving is governed by the Sans 1058: 2012 v2.1 document.
Paving standards in the SANS document relate to tensile splitting strength, dimensional stability and abrasion resistance.
The minimum standards are determined by a stringent testing process which guarantees that paving will not fail under certain conditions.
Applications for a dry cast concrete block will be roads, driveways, parking areas, high traffic areas, traffic circles, heavy duty industrial and civil installations, commercial projects.


The wet cast manufacturing process requires more water and longer curing periods
A mixture is poured into a mould and then vibrated to release air bubbles
There is more water in the mix offering a strength suitable for residential purposes
There is a slump on the demoulding of the product
The Sans 927 :2013 document governs the manufacturing standards of we cast concrete (tests a cube of concrete)
The standards are not as stringent as it does not consider concrete blocks in particular and there is no determination of a minimum standard for abrasion resistance
Applications where you would use a wet cast product would include walkways, borders, pool paving, patio paving, residential projects as borders in commercial parking areas.

Applications of each process
Examples of wet cast products – Cobbles

wetcast paving Franschoek by C.E.L Paving

Cape Vue Guest House - Franschoek

Wet Cast Cobble in Lava finish

Examples of dry cast products. Bond Paving 200 x 100 x 50

The Promenade Mouille Point Cape Town

C.E.L. Paving Products Grey Bonds with Earth Bonds and Exposed Aggregate

Bond pavers 200 x 100

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