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C.E.L. Paving helps with choosing driveway pavers

Choosing driveway pavers

When choosing pavers for your driveway, you should perhaps consider the following factors:

Durability and Aesthetics

Look for concrete block pavers that are known to be tough and well made so that your driveway stands up to the relevant weather conditions in your area. Your driveway pavers should also be able to withstand vehicle traffic so perhaps ask the supplier about the strength of the paver.

Choose a concrete block paver colour and style that complements your home’s exterior design. Make use of pavers that tie in with your landscaping. For more ideas on different styles click here

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Slip resistance

Consider slip-resistant or a rough finish to your pavers if your driveway is prone to getting slippery when wet or if you have a steep driveway. Also look at the run-off and if it is sufficient to handle storm water.


Some concrete block driveway pavers  may require more maintenance than others, such as sealing, so keep this in mind. 

Coarse exposed driveway


Concrete block pavers in are available in a range of colours and finishes, each with their own price. Determine your budget up front by measuring the area of your driveway (m2) and look for options that fit within your budget.


Many manufacturers of concrete block paving do not offer installation. Ensure you have a reputable civils contractor to lay your paving block, perhaps even ask the manufacturer for a list of recommended installers in your area. 

For more on laying and earthworks click here

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Are the concrete pavers you choose made in accordance with the minimum national standards? Ask the manufacturer to confirm this and then you will be sure to have concrete block that are resistant to abrasion, dimensionally stable and will not crack under heavy loads.


It may also be helpful to get quotes from a few contractors to determine the total cost of installation and to get their professional opinion on the best options for your driveway. Ensure your installer is aware of the sub base and necessary earthworks required.

Bonds and exposed aggregate concrete block pavers to driveway

At C.EL. Paving Products, we are always trying to improve the consumer experience and educating our clients to assist them in making informed decision with regards to paving. Please let us know if we can assist with other topics which may be of interest by emailing with your ideas.

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