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Residential Driveway Paving

At C.E.L. Paving products we have a wide selection of paving suitable for the driveway and pavements around your property. Driveways paving using  high quality concrete driveway pavers may add a different aesthetic to a home while offering long term durability.

Whether building a new home or renovating and existing one, concrete block paving for the driveway and walkways is a sure thing. As a home owner you would need to consider the type of traffic your concrete pavers are going  to have  deal with and this will assist you in choosing the correct paver.

Grey Bonds with Earth Bonds and Exposed Aggregate Driveway Pavers
Bonds and exposed aggregate

Which paver for your driveway

The paving you choose for your driveway will also depend on the look and feel of the property and the surrounds. You may also want to mix up the finishes to allow for a more interesting final product for your driveway,as your driveway is the most important feature when entering your property. Concrete driveway pavers could consist of a mix of standard bond pavers which offer a frame, and exposed aggregate pavers which are not only durable, but look rustic and alive. Exposed aggregate paving also offer better traction on steep driveways.

One could also use various different shapes when considering concrete for your driveway. You could perhaps use a rectangular block for the driveway itself, and frame it with a concrete cobble. Thus defining the edges and offering a different look.

Cobbles frame exposed aggregate driveway pavers
Parking Driveway

Laying Patterns for Driveway Pavers

You can also choose a variety of laying patterns for your driveways and walk ways when using concrete pavers. A herringbone pattern, as shown below, gives you driveway paving additional  strength to deal with heavier loads without damage or movement. Articulated trucks are not however recommended for driveways.

driveway herring bone laying pattern
Herring Bone laying Pattern

Grass blocks for Driveway pavers

Another idea for driveways is to make use of grass blocks or any other open concrete block. In doing this,you are allowing for the rain water to drain through the paving as opposed to running off the paver. In this way the water returns to the ground water below the surface instead of running in to channels or pooling and flooding.

Grassblocks open concrete block paving
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