Car Park Paving with glass topping

New range of concrete block paving – Shimmerstone- refracting light

Shimmerstone Concrete Block Paving

Shimmerstone with glass topping for demarcation.
Shimmerstone with glass topping for demarcation.

After years of development, C.E.L. Paving Products has begun the manufacturing of this exciting new addition to our range of concrete block paving.

The Shimmerstone range of pavers are manufactured with a topping of crushed 4-6mm glass chips, sustainably sourced from a glass recycling plant in Cape Town. With the glass topping, the paver has the capacity to refract light, thus making it far more visible to the human eye, and therefore perfect for demarcation of roads and parking areas.


Quoin Rock Wine Estate

The Shimmerstone may be used in numerous applications where additional delineation is required on roadways and parking areas. Previously, this type of marking was  created by using high visibility paint. In such cases, the re-application of the paint was required on a regular basis. With the Shimmerstone concrete block paver,  one can achieve the the same function, but now with a product lifespan of up to 15 years. Shimmerstone pavers are perfect for any road marking, parking delineation, designated parking bays, or directional road signage. The product was recently installed in the parking area at Quoin Rock estate in Stellenbosch.


Research and development

Initially, our research and development team attempted a series of alternative products in the topping prior to settling on the final product. After extensive testing, the pavers compared favourably to our regular exposed concrete block paving range. The glass topping of the Shimmerstone was tested for its refractive qualities in various scenarios and performed well in all instances.

To ensure that the new Shimmerstone paver was durable, we installed the product  at the entrance to our manufacturing plant in Blackheath. The paver, has over the last two years, performed exceptionally well, with no chipping, cracking, or loss of the glass topping. A rare achievement considering the amount of heavy duty traffic in this particular area.

Light refracting off glass chips

The refraction of light is the bending of light as the light passes from air to a glass surface, making it visible to the naked eye. Shimmerstone exhibits excellent refractive qualities which allows for the paver to be visible during the day with sunlight and at night with vehicle head lights.


Shimmerstone is currently available in 200x100x50 or 70 mm thicknesses, and with various backing pigmentation.

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