We are extremely proud to once again  be invited to take part in the Concrete Manufacturers Association Awards for Excellence 2022. We submitted  7 entries in  various categories and eagerly await for the judging to commence. For a brief insight in to the projects we submitted, have a read through the blog below.

Aesthetic Excellence – Category 1 – Paving

Project: House Tara

The dry cast products supplied to this upmarket home have added to the functional and aesthetic requirements as set out by the client. C.E.L. provided a combination of polished and coarse exposed aggregate pavers to the external pavements and the driveway. To see the complete entry click here

Project: The V and A Waterfront

C.E.L. Paving were were only too pleased to be able to supply our polished pavers to this prestigious project in Dock Road in the Waterfront. With the iconic Table Mountain as a back drop we felt it was only fitting to enter this project into the Aesthetic Excellence category. To see the full  entry and write up, click here

Aesthetic Excellence – Category 5 – Wet Cast Stone

Project: House Tara

C.E.L. Paving supplied 16 various sizes of wet cast products for the entertainment area at this newly built home. For more on this residential project and our entry, go to the video on You Tube.

Aesthetic Excellence – Category 7 – BEAUTY FOR LIFE (10+ Years)

Project: Longlands Country Estate

We are privileged to have been appointed as the concrete block suppliers to this prestigious estate in Stellenbosch over 10 years ago. The pavers, having withstood an incredible amount of vehicular traffic, show absolutely no signs of degradation, hence our reason for entering the ‘Beauty for Life category. For more on our Longlands entry, click here 

Project: Hermanus Market Square

A number of products from C.E.L. Paving Products’ wet cast range were specified and supplied for this project. The pavers have since withstood extremely heavy traffic loads in the form of both vehicular and pedestrian foot traffic which the entire precinct has endured. The pavers, supplied and laid over 13 years ago, are still looking good. Have a look at the video to see the full entry. –

Project: SAPS Forensic Science Laboratory

Having previously won the CMA Award for Aesthetics, this project has now proven, 10 years later that aesthetics can be achieved without compromising product performance. for more regarding this project an our entry click here

concrete block paving
SAPS Forensic Science Lab

Engineering Excellence – Category  6 – Product Innovation

Product: Shimmerstone

This is the first time we have entered the category for product innovation and are excited to receive feedback on our Shimmerstone entry. This innovative product is based on the concept of light refracting off glass chips, in a paver!

The refraction of light is the bending of light as the light passes from air to a glass surface, making it visible to the naked eye. Shimmerstone exhibits excellent refractive qualities which allows for the paver to be visible during the day with sunlight and at night with vehicle head lights.

For more on this ground breaking innovation, please go to the link

Refracting light
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