Edging Kerb for roads

Edging Kerbs for concrete block paving

Why do we need edging kerbs?

If you are planning a new driveway or patio in concrete block paving you are going to need some form of edging kerb. The purpose of the edging kerb is to frame and contain the concrete block paving in a residential application.  Edging kerbs are also used to provide the definitive line between gardens or lawns ,and paving.

Paving kerb
Kerb for paving

Which kerb?

Pavements in concrete blocks would also require some form of edging and there is where you could use a straight edge kerb or our E1 kerb. Both concrete kerbs are ideal in this application, and a sense of structure. Our E1 kerb is formed n a dry cast process, slightly more industrial, while our straight edge kerb is a wet cast process with a lava finish. Aesthetics will play a large part of your decision.

C.E.L. Paving Products Grey Straight Edge kerb in the standard Lava finish
Straight edge Kerb
C.E.L. Paving Products E1 kerb as a edge demarcation
E1 Concrete kerb









Transition Kerbs

If you are looking to create a driveway boundary but would like to sometimes access other areas, you could opt for our Transition kerb, also in a lava finish. In this way you can easily traverse from one surface to another.

Transition Kerb
Transition Kerb as manufactured by Pavatile

Kerbs for commercial projects

All our edging kerbs are also recommended for high traffic areas alongside roads and walkways.

For example we supplied the straight edge kerbs for Hermanus Village Square, which allowed for definition and framing of the concrete block paving.

Edging Kerb for roads
Edging kerb for roads


How can we help.
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