Permeable Paving is the Environmentally Friendly Choice

Permeable Paving is the Environmentally Friendly Choice

C.E.L. Paving Products was thrilled to be involved in a golf day recently held by the Civil Engineering Association of South Africa.

This was held at the Royal Cape Golf Club on Friday the 1st of April.

We took this opportunity to promote our new permeable paving line, Permealock.

The lovely weather and well-attended function gave us the opportunity to meet and chat to the various engineers as well as for our technical specialist for Permealock, Ray Green, to introduce our new paving product to the engineers.

Permealock is an exciting new permeable paving block offered by CEL Paving Products, providing our customers with a most environmentally friendly paving option.

Designed and engineered by top industry professionals, Permealock permeable paving offers landscape architects and engineers an exciting new option where permeable paving is required to handle flood water from roof drainage as well as impervious pavement surfaces.

This will allow for the water to infiltrate the ground, allowing it to be harvested for re-use or released to a water course.

This also has the benefits of reducing subsequential erosion and improving the quality of the water by filtering out pollutants in the substratum layers.

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